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2021-8-17 · 2021-8-17 · VALVE GRINDING & LAPPING MACHINES. Lightweight for easy handling and installation, our valve grinding and lapping machines span working ranges for gate valves from 1.3 to 39.4 inches (32 to 1000 mm). During operation, you can quickly change grinding disks and adjust the grind …

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Portable, battery driven grinding and lapping machine …

2015-3-9 · Grinding and Lapping Equipment for Valves The Polir Series Portable, battery driven grinding and lapping machine for Globe- and Safety valves. The Polir F6 machine is designed for on-site or in-shop valve reconditioning. The light weight machine is equipped for a full, universal range up to 6" / DN150 mm. The Polir F6 is standard


2021-9-26 · HSL SERIES. Portable machines for high-speed grinding of hard sealing surfaces (≥ 35HRC) in high-pressure gate valves and wedges and check valves and disks of various design. High-speed, gear-driven planetary wheels enable the …

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Portable gate valve grinding machines (SL) are used for lapping and grinding sealing surfaces on gate valves, check valves and flanges. You can optionally order these machines with a digital rocker for precise regulation of the contact pressure. This is a patented unit that guarantees absolutely flat sealing surfaces.


2021-9-20 · Grinding table for face grinding wedges, valve disks and other machine components. The grinding disk is fitted with self-adhesive grinding plates. A version with quick-change grinding disks is also available for use with frequently changing grits (KS-6 only). Stop bracket and footswitch ensure safe operation.

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LarsLap manufactures a range of valve grinding and valve lapping machines, covering valves from 10 to 1300 mm diameter with overlapping machine sizes. LarsLap valve grinding machines with individually driven grinding heads combine rapid results with unsurpassed valve seat flatness. LarsLap''s easy-to-use clamping system helps get you started ...


2021-9-23 · SLA SERIES. Patented attachments for SL-15 and SL-2 machines utilizing gear-driven planetary wheels with high-speed spindles to produce optimal results and high removal rates of hard surface materials (≥ 35HRC). The SLA attachement is ideal for repair work on wider seats of parallel slide gate valves and wedges as well as check valves and disks.


2021-9-1 · Portable machines for grinding and lapping of flat sealing surfaces in globe and safety valves, valve disks, and flanges from DN ¼″–64″ (8–1600 mm). The EFCO VALVA: Simple, easy, one-man operation Wear-resistant tooling Fast results Drive: electric 230/120 V, … →

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2021-9-25 · EFCO USA, Inc. – Valve Repair & Testing Equipment. Since EFCO was established in 1978, we have been a world leading manufacturer of portable and stationary valve repair and testing equipment. The company has been a family-run business with the philosophy of making our customers our partners. We can jointly solve problems concerning machining ...


2021-9-12 · Stationary surface lapping machines, particularly suitable for the lapping of valve disks, axial face seals, and wedges. Accessories such as interference lamp, optical flats, polishing tables, and roughness testers as well as consumables can also be …


2021-9-20 · Portable grinding and lapping machines for the repair of sealing surfaces in gate valves and check valves (non-return valves) and on wedges, disks, and flanges of DN ¾″–80″ (20–2000 mm). The EFCO SL Powerful drive Wear-resistant Stable, light-weight design … →

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The design of the Ventil Valve lapping machines is based on 65 years of experience in valve repair and testing. All machines are fully built in-house and only first quality components and materials are used. The valve lapping machines are delivered ready for use, including all required tools, consumables and materials. Our Valve Grinding Solutions:

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2021-8-29 · Portable Valve Grinding Machines The Larslap range of portable industrial valve grinders offered by Kemet are a patented design concept that are a proven solution for on-site valve reconditioning. Repairing leaking valves in industrial pipelines is a laborious operation involving extended downtime, production losses and substantial unwanted costs.